Project Happy Capsules

Let’s try this again. Note: This project is the same as this one: CLICK

We here at George Blagden International are hosting a fan project open for all George Blagden fans from all over the globe.

The goal is to send a little something to George Blagden before Vikings premieres.

All expenses and shipping will be covered by GBI admin Jazmine P.

Participation of each and every George Blagden fan is direly needed. We wish to show George just how many people actually love and recognize not just him, but his talents as well.

Sadly, this project (as well as the fans headcount we tried to do) isn’t gaining much attention. We will be sending the gift over even if it only gathers few messages — the thing is — we don’t want George to think that only few of his fans would bother to send him a message. This is why we are trying to gather all the fans we possibly could.


Have a topless G so I can get  your attention.

The Project.

The idea is to give G three types of capsules:


Actual capsules

These capsules can be opened, and what we are going to do is we, together with you guys, will be writing two-three liner messages classified into three, and will be inserted in their respective color  capsules:

• General love/happy capsules, anything you want to tell him (Blue Capsule) 

• How you love his talents (acting, singing, being patient and kind towards us, etc.) (Red)

• What roles or songs you would like to see/hear him sing/cover/portray (Green)

Why the colours?
• Blue (his favourite color)

• Red, (The Blood of Angry Men? The Colour of Desire? Our Souls on Fire?)

• Green (a colour I’ve often seen on Grantaire, his role on Les Mis).

Why three capsules?

Three (3) is George’s favourite number.

How To Join.

• Simply follow this blog (

• Submit your messages via ask or fanmail, with the format:

Insert Three- Liner Text here

Insert Three- Liner Text here

Insert Three- Liner Text here

- (Name) / @twitterusername / Country

-Colour of capsule

—— e x a m p l e :

Hello, G! I l adore your portrayal of Grantaire in the Les Miserables film. I hope you get to do more projects in the future. I will always be looking forward to your works!

- Jazmine P. / @stilldreams / Philippines

- Red capsule

The messages will be put in strips of paper which then will be tightly rolled and put into the capsule:


(I will be using the green, red and blue ones)


• Only two-three liner messages will be accepted.

Anything longer than that would be too big for the paper.

• Sign with your name and country. Or nickname, if you prefer. You can also include your twitter name. 

• Keep it sane and casual.  We don’t want to freak him out!

• Profanity and curse words are unacceptable. This project is meant to make him happy, not offend or insult.

• You can submit one message for each capsule (maximum of three messages per person all in all)

• Do not ever leave out your Country.


Invite more people to join!

If you know someone who is a George Blagden fan but she or he does not have a tumblr, simply send  the messages in the right format to:

Make other people into fans, and make them participate!

This project will be sent under the name of George Blagden International Fan Community.

A forum is in the works with the goal to gather all the fans from across the globe, to spread the G love, and the provide fans with media and information that is all G-related.


Another picture to grab your attention.


We in GMB are more than willing to collaborate with you guys with this project. Please help us gather everyone. George wants to receive everyone’s love!

So please please please help us!

Every help and pariticipation will be highly appreciated!

George is looking forward to this.

Let us not disappoint!


For questions, do not hesitate to send an ask.

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    All submissions will be closed on Wednesday. The package will be sent soon… so please hurry! Thank you~ [[MORE]]
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