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What’s the June project?

It’s a little project with us sending George a rubik’s cube and we still have to figure out how to make others participate..

Admin Post

I know lots of you guys have sent a number of queries via ask and answering them now may be quite useless but I will get to them sometime around soon, I just happen to get pretty busy and I apologize for leaving this site without notice. 

The June Project will be sent out at the near end of June.

The site will be up and running soon!

Order The Runaway Queen - Narrated by George Blagden


This list is just for the links of where you can buy the audiobook narrated by George. None of these links include the ebook. The audiobook will be released on May 21st.

Pre-Order Now


Additional Websites you can buy from on May 21st





Simon and Schuster

You can also order it through Itunes, as long as you have the iBooks app installed, just make sure you search in Itunes (not through the iBooks app), click more at the bottom and then select AudioBooks, then search for The Runaway Queen.

Be careful and make sure you are using one of these links or ensuring you’re downloading the audiobook, because you can get the ebook separately without the audio and, of course, this post is intended for people wanting George Blagden’s recording.

On the publisher’s Canadian site, there was only links to download the ebook and I couldn’t find anything on the publisher’s UK site about it being released there, so be careful if downloading outside of the USA to make sure you’re downloading the audiobook.

If I were to send him a letter, and I gave him a picture to sign, do you think he would return it signed? — ridesnowridehorses-deactivated2

Yes, he would. He always replies to mails as long as you provide the appropriate amount of stamps and the proper return address :)

WHy is he only a few more weeks in the UK ? :) — Anonymous

He’ll be back in LA for work and some stuff, I guess.
He’ll be back there in June. :)

sent some mail to George's old fanmail address a few days ago? what do I do? xx — Anonymous

All you can do foe now is wait… or send him another one, if you’d like.
He’s still figuring out if his former agent would still forward mails addressed to him.

I’ll update you guys regarding this issue when we get around it. :)

George Blagden’s New UK Fanmail Address

He just changed UK agents yesterday and will no longer be repped by Lou Coulson Associates.

He’s still not sure if the mails sent to the previous address will be forwarded to him, but he’s hoping for it.

The new address is:

FAO Abi Harris

Ken McReddie Associates

101 Finsbury Pavement

London EC2A 1RS UK

Please spread the word. Thank you!

PS. He apologizes to everyone he wasn’t able to answer regarding this for the last couple of days.

Hi! It may seem odd, but do you know if George likes Harry Potter? I saw a picture of him with the glasses and the scar drawn on his face, but I don't really know if he actually likes it... (I swear, this question has a purpose!) — damnabledawn

Oh darling! I’m sorry if I’m only answering now, thia ask somehow got buried and the answer would be probably useless by now if you needed it for something… but anyway…

I do believe that he does like Harry Potter, I think He’s tweeted about it/answered a similar question positively.

Well, I hope this still helps in one way or another? ..

If anybody has questions for George Blagden RE: Vikings

Tweet it to @trinaweena for she will be interviewing him this week for @spoilertv!

For those who do not have twitter, send your questions via her tumblr ask: or email her at

The deadline will be tomorrow at 5PM EST.

Keep the questions coming, make the interview more interesting!

Please do keep in mind that the questions will be filtered and not all may be asked, but my friend Trina will do what she can to include your submissions!

Thank you.